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What is Interface Space?

2012 the Year for Impact!

Interface Space is a professional networking platform for educators globally that incorporates access to on-demand coaching and consultancy, online and offline programmes and access to synchronous video conferences facilities through our Learning Labs.

Current functionalities within the website include profiling, people searches, project builders, online programmes, on-demand coaching, bespoke consultancy and access to Learning Labs. The Learning Labs are based on a seamless integration of Adobe Connect software within our platform that allows users to meet, collaborate and connect in real time from anywhere in the globe!  All our online programmes, consultancy and coaching are delivered through our Learning Labs.  We also offer work-based training and face to face consultancy as well as training and development in our London W2 Training Hub.

Building capacity of educators globally

Interface Space is passionate about enabling schools, learning organisations and related charities to grow and develop expertise by collaborating, sharing practice relevant projects and building their own capacity through access to a community of like-minded practitioners, facilitated by cutting edge technology.

Giving great teachers great technology

We are passionate about education and supporting teachers and leaders who have dedicated their lives to improving the life chances of young people by giving them an excellent education.

We know that the greatest asset to any young learner is an inspired and inspiring teacher.  We aim to unleash that power and potential in teachers through supporting them with cutting edge training, cutting edge technology and a platform that enables them to self-organise and connect with other committed educators.  We know that schools are not at the cutting edge of technology right now and that for many schools there is a widening gap between the experience of their learners with digital media and how learning is actually delivered in schools.  At interface Space, we want to do something about that widening digital divide by providing great teachers with great technology.

We know that if teachers themselves are not given the time, space and support to engage with relevant technology that drives their own learning they are very unlikely to make that leap and design learning for students that takes account of new media or new technology.

Generate impact with our programmes for innovation

At interface Space, 2012 is the Year for Impact!  ‘Inquiry for innovation and impact’ is what we are about because we know that excellence and innovation is not powered by rigid certainty and tired assumptions.  It is powered by inquiry, curiosity, challenging old assumptions and the passion to excel.

We actively support training, skills development and organisational capacity building by offering programmes and training that are project led, inquiry driven, work based and focused on impact.

We have developed a high impact model of generative inquiry that takes practitioners’ work challenges or aspirations as the starting point in a learning journey that culminates in transferable expertise.  This is a tried and tested methodology that we know delivers results and build capacity.

We know that the best training aligns practitioners’ passion for the job with the organisation’s own priorities for innovation or adaptation.  All our training and consultancy is premised on impactful practice and empowered professionalism where transference of skills, knowhow, tools and techniques must equip those on the front line to be and do the best they can.

From 2012, our team of outstanding Associate Consultants will deliver Interface Services, Coaching, Consultancy and Programmes. Later in 2012, we will offer our inquiry based Masters programme which is currently in the process of validation.

Partnerships and pilots for impact in 2012

We aim to build a network of inspiring educators locally and globally who genuinely want to make a difference and are prepared to share, swap and trade knowhow in order to enrich that exciting enterprise that is an excellent education!

We are delighted to be working with the Bedford Innovation Zone, the first Innovation Zone in the UK, in launching a 2012 pilot of the Learning Labs and Interface Space platform to support local and international collaboration.

We are delighted to partner with St John the Baptist CoE Primary School, Catford and Cluster 3 schools in South London to explore technology enabled creative pedagogy.  We are also working with the National Association of Small Schools (NASS) to enable collaborative practice and in particular to build links between small schools in Cumbria and Norfolk where teachers are committed to developing practice through teacher-led inquiry.

We have further pilots planned from January 2012 and will keep the community informed as to what the learning is around education and technology for collaboration.

We are also asking schools and communities that want to pilot our platform and Learning Labs to contact us direct for further information and support.

We also are delighted to work in partnership with the Institute for Virtual Enterprise at City University New York, in furthering our collaborative commitment to Education as Enterprise throughout 2012 and beyond both in the UK and the US.

Interface Space 2012 Invitation

A commitment to learning through systematic inquiry and focus on impact is what defines Interface Space. Inquiry is integral to our business DNA.  That is why we are asking Primary Schools, School Trusts, Teaching schools, Academy Chains, Free Schools, Small Schools, Independent Schools, Faith Schools or Charities to try out or pilot our Learning Labs and platform.

So, this is our invitation to you: Try out the Learning Labs, try out the platform, use the online project builder, connect with each other and ourselves. Let us know about your experiences and contact us for additional support.

We want to know and understand the challenges schools face in getting the most from technology that has been provided by educators for educators.

Help us to get it right, so you can!